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Our journey

Basic principles

The two change processes within Dermatology and Orthopaedics were a success. As well as substantially improving the work processes, employee satisfaction and the atmosphere in the workplace also improved significantly. During the evaluation of the pilots, the Executive Board stated its ambition to similarly redesign hospital-wide work processes.

Operational Excellence as a strategy:

  • The goal is to realize a process-oriented hospital that is continuously improving.
  • To do this, the Lean Six Sigma approach is employed. This approach provides the methods and tools to continually improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness of organizational processes.
  • In order to provide maximum value to clients, it is vital that process steps that add no value in the eyes of the client are transformed into process steps that do add value.
  • Muda – meaning waste – must be eliminated from work and work processes.
  • The strategy requires employees to learn to think in terms of lean principles.
  • Employee training is a standard and continual component of the strategy as it allows them to develop the knowledge and skills required to apply the tools. The training helps develop a patient-oriented culture in which employees are driven to continually improve the care provided.

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