The first change processes

According to Frits van Merode, the best way to examine how to change is by taking concrete action. The first change processes – entitled the Hospital of the Future – were implemented in 2010 in the Orthopaedics and Dermatology departments with support from the firm Medtronic, an important collaboration partner of MUMC+.

Key partner

Medtronic is a leading company in the field of medical technology. The firm constantly develops innovative technology and optimizes existing therapies. Maastricht UMC+ and Medtronic have had an important relationship ever since Medtronic began to supply the hospital with technology, although in 2010, the nature of the collaboration changed radically. The hospital wanted to combine a complex ICT implementation with the redefinition and redesign of the working processes. Medtronic had plenty of experience in this field, having just completed a similar project in which processes were brought into line using a structural process-orientated approach in accordance with the Lean Six Sigma methodology (part of Operational Excellence).

This was enough to convince the Executive Board that Medtronic had the necessary expertise and the decision was made to expand and intensify the collaboration. Subsequently, two Medtronic employees were seconded to the MUMC+ to initiate the two change processes within the Dermatology and Orthopaedics departments.

"It was a great learning experience for us to work with a dermatology department, as Medtronic doesn't sell any products to this department. We learned a great deal from each other, and the process clearly demonstrated that the universal Lean Six Sigma methodology truly works in the health-care sector."

Stijn Schretlen Medtronic

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